Parent School Association (PSA)

St. Joseph's Primary School Association (PSA) is a forum for all parents to become involved in the life of the School. Meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the Tuesday evening of weeks 3 and 7 of each term, meetings are held in the Staffroom.

PSA Aims

To work to provide, improve and maintain the amenities available for the school students, including equipment and maintenance of School Buildings and grounds.

To provide opportunities for social meetings between parents, and promote a spirit of union and good fellowship.

To co-operate with the Parish Priest, Principal and Staff in matters relating to St. Joseph’s Primary School.

The St. Joseph’s Primary School Association has a representative on the St. Joseph’s Primary School Advisory Council.

The PSA runs and supports several events through the year to raise money for the school and to support our school community.

Annual School Fair

A school community event bringing food, fun, events and activities alive in the school grounds. We can proudly say that our Annual School Fair not only brings our school community together but also the community in the wider district.

Mother’s Day Stall

An opportunity for children to buy a quality gift for mum.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Dads, special friends or grandfathers are invited with their children to enjoy breakfast in our school hall and then have the opportunity to visit their child's classroom before the school day commences.

Hot Cross Bun Drive

An opportunity to purchase Hot Cross Buns from a local bakery. (one of our Fair's major sponsors).

Second-Hand Uniform Sale

The PSA conducts a Second-Hand Uniform Sale for all school uniforms (including hats, bags and library bags) twice a year, early in Terms 2 and 4. Good quality uniform that reflects current St. Joseph’s uniform policy and standards can either be donated or priced accordingly for sale by the parent. A percentage of the sale goes to the school’s PSA which is then used to purchase sporting team tops and spare clothing for the school's sick bay.