Vision and Mission Statements


Enacting the Vision and Mission

St Joseph's Parish Primary School enacts the vision and mission and its aims through:

Gospel Values: The following gospel values are integrated into curriculum and pastoral care to develop student positive behaviours and social skills:

  •       Respect for the life and dignity of each person
  •       Justice in our actions and response to others
  •       Responsibility in our relationships and stewardship of the environment

Formation and Professional Learning: There is regular faith formation and professional learning that assists staff to provide an educational environment and program that allows all in the school community to pursue fullness of life.  It develops teacher capacity to enter into dialogue with students so that they can have a better understanding of the integration of faith and life.

Safe Environment: The school ensures that there is a safe and welcoming environment. Safety is regularly monitored and strategies are reviewed through risk management and policy review.  The school implements the Child Safe Standards and monitors implementation through strategies such as risk management processes and audits. Professional learning assists staff to monitor student wellbeing and implement effective strategies.

Communication: Staff and parents are provided with handbooks that outline the school’s vision and mission, policies and procedures. These are also available on the school website. The school community is regularly informed on student outcomes, policy, procedures and practices through the school website, newsletters and school community meetings. The school provides an Annual Report to the School Community.

Leadership: Leadership actively supports the School Improvement Plan through providing professional learning and appropriate resources and fostering leadership throughout the school. The leadership team regularly monitors school improvement, and meets with staff to discuss data and strategies. The principal informs the School Advisory Council (SAC) of strengths and challenges.

School Improvement Plan: The school monitors and reviews its annual action plan and ensures that there is alignment to the School Improvement Plan. This includes analysis of student data, teaching practices and feedback from the school community. The school undertakes a review and validation every five years.

Performance and Development Culture: There is a culture of building staff capacity and responding to change in student needs. This is supported through professional learning plans, feedback and review. Staff are challenged to have high expectations of students in their learning as well as themselves.

Community Engagement in Learning: The school actively engages the school community in student learning through fostering links with the community and engaging in dialogue on student learning. This is supported by the work of the SAC.

Inclusiveness: The school is a welcoming inclusive community. The educational program takes into account different student strengths and challenges and provides resources to address equity.  The curriculum is planned and implemented in accordance with the principles of inclusion. It implements strategies and policies that prevent discrimination and harassment of any school community member or visitor.