Library Resource Centre

St. Joseph’s Primary School Library Resource Centre has been established to provide an organised central resource where stimulating, current material is accessible to the whole school community. Its primary aim is to offer quality service and support for all children through effective utilisation of resources and programs that support staff with the implementation of the School's curriculum.

Each class has a specified time for specific Library Resource Centre classes, which are integrated with the classroom programs. At other times the Resource Centre is available for children to utilise during the day for browsing, borrowing and research purposes.  

The Library Resource Centre, which offers a quality service program, promotes reading for research and leisure. Parents are always most welcome to visit, browse and borrow material from the Library Resource Centre. Much of the stock in the Centre has been acquired through the generous support of parents. St. Joseph’s Primary School Association raises funds annually for the on-going development of the Library Resource Centre. The Library Resource Centre staff, along with the support of volunteers, facilitate the automated and computerised borrowing process. Children utilise this facility for accessing information and borrowing books. Supervised internet access is also available.

Lessons are conducted on a weekly basis for 1 hour for children Years F-6.