It is a widely held view that students, who consistently do extra work at home to follow up their school studies, will grow stronger in their work. Most students at St. Joseph’s Primary School will be asked to do some homework, Monday to Thursday, in reading, spelling, mathematics and research work for inquiry learning. Parents who try to ensure that their children have a suitable time and place to properly carry out their home study; will be doing their children a favour.

As a general rule, students in the Junior School area will not be expected to spend more than a quarter of an hour on homework, and for children in the Middle and Senior School it should not exceed half an hour.

Homework will often be seen as a reinforcing agent, a chance for you as a parent to be more involved in your child's work, and geared to meet the needs of your child.

We provide homework to:

  1. Enable parents to be involved and share with the teacher the task of educating students.
  2. To foster closer links between family and school in the learning process.
  3. To assist students to assume an increasingly greater responsibility for their own learning.
  4. Encourage students to develop work and study habits including time management and routines.
  5. Provide an opportunity to consolidate and practise learning that has taken place at school.