Getting To School Safely

Road trauma is the leading cause of death and most frequent cause of hospitalisation among children in Australia. Getting to and from school is a common time for children to be exposed to local traffic conditions.

Teach your child/children to Stop. Look. Listen. Think.

Walking (or riding, scooting or skateboarding) to St. Joseph’s Primary School with your child is a great way to start the day and reinforce road safety in your child/children. At road crossings, reinforce school lessons by asking your child/children to:

  • Stop one step back from the road.
  • Look in all directions for approaching traffic.
  • Listen in all directions for approaching traffic.
  • Think whether it is safe to cross the road – when the road is clear or all traffic has stopped. When crossing, walk straight across the road. Keep looking and listening for traffic while crossing.

Be wary at pick-up and drop-off times

Keep everyone safe at busy times at St. Joseph’s Primary School by:

  • Respecting the speed limits and parking signs around St. Joseph’s Primary School.
  • Remembering children do unpredictable things – they may not be aware of you so you need to be aware of them.
  • Letting your child/children know that if you’re running a few minutes late picking them up, they should stay in the school grounds or at the office, until you arrive.

School Loop

Parents may drop off and pick up students from the driveway road loop in front of the St. Joseph’s Primary School building, but strictly No Parking. It is recommended that you drive through the loop as far as possible before stopping; this will make it easier and safer for the cars following you.

Staff Car Park

The St. Joseph’s Primary School car park is generally, for staff, visitors and parents helping during the day. 

All vehicles entering the staff carpark must do so via the Left Lane Only in accordance with road rules. Please join the loop line and wait your turn to enter the staff car park.

Please adhere to double white line road rules.

Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking is also available for parents in Queens Road, Botanic Road south side, at the Supergrasse Tennis Complex, Allen oval and Aquazone Car Park.

No Standing Areas

Signs are displayed on the roads surrounding St. Joseph’s Primary School; this applies also whilst the School Crossing Flags are displayed. Please note these restriction signs as they are policed.

Please refrain from parking in the bus stops which is the indent along both sides of Botanic Road, in front of the car park.

Please inform your family, friend or the person designated to pick up your children at St. Joseph’s Primary School, of the above practices, so that we may avoid unnecessary confusion leading to possible accidents.

It may be quite appropriate to pick your child/children up a little later so that most of the traffic has cleared away from the immediate school area. If you are going to adopt this practice, please do let your children know about this arrangement.

School Buses

There are currently two bus systems available for students to access for travel to and from school.

The 'City' bus system is a pay-as-you go fare and students can use these buses at any time.

The 'Country' bus system can only be used on application with Public Transport Victoria (PTV) which is coordinated via Brauer College. It is a per term, per child fee for this system depending on distance traveled to school and whether you are attending your closest school or not. Fees are set by PTV but accounts are issued and collected by the St. Joseph’s Primary School (any travel fees are separate from school fees). A Country Bus Application form can be obtained at St. Joseph’s Primary School. Country Bus Application form must be lodged at Brauer College, Caramut Road, Warrnambool.

Bicycle, Scooters and Skateboards

Students are permitted to ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards to and from St. Joseph’s Primary School, please note that it is compulsory to wear safety helmets. Students are required to walk their bikes, scooters or skateboard to the bike racks upon entering the St. Joseph’s Primary School grounds and leave their bike, scooter or skateboard there until home time.