Extended Holiday Activity

Suggested tasks for extended holidays

St. Joseph’s Primary Warrnambool strives to provide the best quality education for all of our students. We do this on campus through our daily classroom routine including focus lessons, teacher examples, whole and small group work, providing individual assistance, feedback and assessment.
Often, teachers are asked to provide a program for individual students going on extended holiday during term time. Parents make a conscious decision to withdraw students during term time, willingly knowing that their child may miss out on key concepts covered. We believe that simply providing worksheets alone to students is ineffective and quite often basic repetition of skills that the student has already acquired.

However, St. Joseph’s believes that holidays are a great opportunity for students to participate in a variety of learning experiences that they would not normally be exposed to in day-to-day school life. St Joseph’s recommends that drawing on these experiences provides some excellent opportunities for learning.

Activities that we believe are suitable for extended holidays during term time can be downloaded here:

Click to download Extended Holidays Activity documentation