Educational Principles

Our school curriculum is underpinned by a clear set of educational principles which reflects the community’s expectations for schooling.

Specifically, the educational principles are:

  1. Learning for all - proceeding on the basis that all students can learn given sufficient time and support, and that good schools and good teaching make a positive difference to student outcomes.
  2. Pursuit of excellence - seeking to accomplish something noteworthy and admirable individually and collectively, and performing at one’s best.
  3. Engagement and effort - acknowledging that student ability is only one factor in achievement and that if students work hard and make an effort, they improve.
  4. Respect for evidence - seeking understanding and truth through structured inquiry and the application of information, evidence, opinion, knowledge and history.
  5. Openness of mind - being willing to consider a range of different views and consider different ways in which evidence is perceived and solutions can be reached.